Tyrants of Technology

The twentieth century ushered in the age of giant "corporations, banks and securities, along with a new labor force and capital. It also created new power centers and new problems, disempowering many thousands. Most people today do not recall a time when there where no public utilities. Electricity was controlled by the profit making industry, and served only the wealthy and fortunate. Millions of less fortunate in rural America, had no such luxury. They suffered destitution and economic demoralization, until Roosevelt's 'New Deal' project,
The TVA.

The "privileged princes" of the economic dynasties, thirsting for power, have been taking control of government itself. See The President's cabinet. Creating a despotism and wrapping it in the robes of legal sanction, known as "deregulation". Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt first exposed this same type of tyranny for what it was:

"These tyrants of our technology thought they could forever control the railroads, steam, and electricity. The royalists of the economic order have conceded that political freedom was the business of the Government, but they have maintained that economic slavery was nobody's business...
These economic royalists complain that we seek to overthrow the institutions of America. What they really complain of is that we seek to take away their power..."

The so-called deregulation movement for energy seeks to replace an open, participatory, American system that's been astonishingly effective for nearly a century -- with something conceived and designed in Margaret Thatcher's England and launched there in 1990. A number of countries, including Brazil and Chile, mimicked the British system. And California swallowed it whole. The Power Trip by Greg Palast.

The California Energy Crises
This report details how the California "energy crisis" was manufactured by utility, energy and Wall Street firms for their financial gain. Read the Report

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Memo-Texas Firm Manipulated Gas

"This is a classic economist's case for monopoly power," said Paul R. Carpenter of the Brattle Group, a Cambridge, Mass., consulting firm that provided the expert testimony. Never in American history had one company had such control over gas distribution into any region without regulatory checks on its profits, the experts said."
Texas Energy Firm Gouged California

The Bush Agenda
President Bush's energy task force states that only a major push to eliminate environmental and other regulatory obstacles to increased supplies will alleviate shortages. A group of 500 scientists, organized by leading environmental groups, oppose drilling in the Alaskan refuge, a centerpiece of his energy strategy.
Leading environmentalists, argued that the administration was using the crisis in California as a cover to advance the energy industry's agenda. "It's distressing that California's crisis is being used as a pretext for outmoded and misguided national energy policies," said Hal Harvey, president of the Energy Foundation, a partnership of foundations that promote energy efficiency and renewable energy. New York Times Article

The Cable Industry
Consider the deregulation of the cable industry. Did the "free market/competitive approach" result in better service or lower, more fair prices? The cable industry has been deregulated twice. Each time they've increased rates at twice the rate of inflation.

The Airline Industry
"Not since deregulation of the airline industry have we faced such a critical point in the history of air transportation in this country. We are closer than ever to seeing an industry totally dominated by three mega-airlines", says John McCain.
Airline Competition Restoration Act

Report from Public Campaign

When Airlines Dislike Competition

How the Airlines Kill Their Competitors, Screw Their Customers, and Get Away With It
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