If conservatives and pro-life crusaders want to encourage people to have children, they should encourage and support programs that help feed them and provide needed care. Head Start, which has never been fully funded to begin with, is slated for an increase so small that it is only enough to continue this year's service level through next year. WIC, the Women, Infants and Children program, which saves us money by improving prenatal and neonatal care, will not get enough to serve those already in the program, much less the number who will be eligible.

Under funding a program that improves prenatal and neonatal care is disgraceful and immoral. Yes immoral, morals are not just about matters of personal conduct, showing up to church every week, or words written on a piece of paper in a Bible, but about matters that affect the welfare of our country and it's people. These same people who are 'pro-life', are against SCHIP (the subsidized childrens health insurance plan), and support the "leave no child behind" President, who tried to exclude 200,000 children in Texas from being eligible for health benefits, until the Texas Legislature by-passed him.

It is inexcusable, in a nation this wealthy, to have 25% of our children hungry or lacking needed care. The number of unwanted children being abused while in the care Department of Children and Family Services continues to escalate, yet the conservatives give this nothing more than lip service. Simply stated, while the conservatives have no problem socializing corporate losses, they deplore the idea of any federally subsidized, or national plan to improve the life or health of individuals. And it has nothing to do with being "compassionate".

Throughout history, these guardians of "Family Values", along with the church, particularly the Catholic church, have been in the business of impeding programs that help children, calling it socialism. Is this what they believe Jesus would have advocated? Their behavior does not even remotely resemble anything Jesus stood for. The "Christian Coalition" has given Christians a bad name, and they need to divest themselves of their self-righteous feeling of superiority.

Conservatives have always condemned any suggestion of social reform, screaming "Communism" and "Socialism", for almost a century. They vilified the attempts of Eleanor Roosevelt, Florence Kelly, Jane Addams and other brave reformers to improve the deplorable living, and economic conditions. And called some of the most successful projects, and reforms of the century, "communist plots". For conservatives to raise the argument of "socialism" to fight social reform, or federally subsidized programs, it is apparent that they have forgotten what the preamble to our Constitution says: "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common deface, promote the general Welfare ..."

Leaving No Child Behind?
In 1937, prior to the U.S. entering the war against Hitler, and when church groups both here and abroad were condoning his brutality, America was the only country to refuse admission of any of the refugee children left orphaned by the attack on Spain. Why?, especially considering how this great nation was built upon "Christianity", one has to ask.

When Hitler's fascist army attacked and slaughtered civilians in Spain, it was considered a fight against communisim. Following the violent attack, thousands of spanish-catholic children were left, orphaned and starving. Five hundred children were waiting for admission to America. There was passage money for 100 of them, and countless offers to adopt them. But the approval of the anti-communist Catholic Charities was needed to give them sanctuary, and they were denied. Eleanor Roosevelt found the Catholic lobby "incomprehensible", especially since all of the children were Catholic. In addition, the Catholic lobby impeded all efforts to lift the embargo on Spain, leaving her defenseless. Harold Ickes wrote about their lobbying efforts in disgust: "This was the cat that was actually in the bag, and it is the mangiest, scabbiest cat ever. This proves up to the hilt what so many people have been saying, namely, that the Catholic minorities in Great Britain and America have been dictating the international policy with respect to Spain."

The Catholic lobby and various church groups led the opposition against Eleanor Roosevelt for her attempts to support Spain. They called her a communist, and condemned her as "America's leading Jezebel". Church groups throughout the south labeled Eleanor a "red leader", as well as others, including Jane Addams, Carrie Chapman Catt, and Lillian Wald who worked for better living conditions. They also opposed many other Women's Advocacy Groups in their struggle to improve care for women, infants and children.

In this same decade, of the so-called "Greatest Generation", America was the only country in the world which tolerated the hideous plague of lynching. In this free country, where our liberties are supposedly so fully guaranteed by law, we stood before the world condemned as an outlaw nation. Opposing Anti-Lynching Legislation, Conservatives, with their usual "states rights" cry, wailed, "we can't possibly constitutionally legislate against lynching"! Wanting to preserve the Sunday sport that Christians stopped to view on their way home from church with the family.