Mullah Falwell


September 28, 2001 -- WALTER Cronkite has unleashed an unusually harsh attack on religious broadcasters Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.
The retired anchorman calls Falwell's remarks about the Sept. 11 terror attacks as "the most abominable thing I've ever heard," in the upcoming TV Guide.

Falwell, appearing on Robertson's "700 Club" program two days later, suggested that the attacks were divine retribution on American for "pagans, abortionists, feminists, homosexuals, the American Civil Liberties Union and the People for the American Way."

Falwell later apologized.

But, Cronkite told TV Guide columnist Max Robins, "It makes you wonder if [Falwell and Roberson are] worshipping the same God as the people who bombed the Trade Center and the Pentagon." The outburst about the two conservative TV personalities was out of character for the 84-year-old newsman who was the standard of sobriety and restraint while he was the anchorman for the CBS Evening News and the "most trusted man in America."

Cronkite has been tapped to give the opening remarks at this year's Emmy Awards show in Los Angeles on Oct. 7.

Cronkite,. a former war correspondent during World War II, also strongly advocated that cameras be permitted at the front lines for the first time since the Vietnam war.

"We can't let what happened in the Gulf war happen again," he told TV Guide.

"That doesn't mean you simply broadcast live from the battlefield so the enemy a mile away knows what American troops are doing.

"You work with the military about what information gets released when. We did that during World War II and it works just fine," he said.