Mississippi Morals

The Master at Arms of moral authority and family values Trent Lott (R-MS), has been the enforcer for his own industry friendly agenda and has answered to no one.

Before the Jefford's revolt, in a remarkable show of anger, 14 Republicans stepped up to the plate and joined the Democrats in a 61-36 vote denouncing Trent Lott's action as "an arbitrary action taken to deliberately thwart the will of the majority of the Senate." The deposed Republican majority leader bitterly threatened to "wage war" against Democrats after being de-throned, insisting their 50-49 majority does not actually constitute a majority and promising to grind Senate operations to a halt if he grows displeased with Daschle's handling of Bush's judicial nominees.

"Once but alas no more to be Senate majority leader Trent Lott kicked up quite a stir last weekend when he wrote to his Republican colleagues that the Democrats' control of the Senate "lacks the moral authority of a mandate from the voters." Some huffy folks rushed to remind Lott that the same might be said of the current White House occupant, a second-place finisher in the popular vote who reached the Oval Office by way of a controversial Supreme Court ruling. The Republican minority leader is eminently qualified to opine on the matter of politicians who wield power in Washington without the moral authority of a mandate. After all, Trent Lott hails from Mississippi -- a state that wrote the book on morally bankrupt political systems."
The Voices They Silenced

Cockfighting, is still legal in Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma, where it is a billion dollar-a-year industry. One big attraction is gambling. The nights are advertised as "family outings" with admission free for anyone under the age of 12, in an environment that critics say breeds criminality. "They are pumped up with stimulants," describes Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the United States. "They have knives or ice-pick-like gaffes affixed to their legs. And they immediately hack each other to death. Punctured, lungs, gouged eyes, other grievous wounds are part-and-parcel of cockfighting in America." A federal law that would end the legal cockfighting industry has been blocked by none other than the MisLeader Trent Lott. Mr. Family Values himself.

Federal law bans betting on college sports in every state except Nevada, where it is a nearly $1 billion industry. At the urging of the NCAA and prominent coaches, John McCain (R-AZ) is trying to close this loophole. Guess who's standing in the way? Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott (R-MS)