The GOP Family Values

The Great Hypocrisy Festival
It's Time America got a Peek Inside the Republican's Glass House

The Democratic party isn't a party that likes to "preach" to people about how to live their lives. But by letting the Republican's do most of the talking, they've let them own the issue. They've let them use "family values" as a way of tearing this country apart, instead of bringing families together. And have been on the receiving end of an uninterrupted barrage of silly-ass "family values" attacks, such as Pat Robertson saying this country's "ruinous moral decay and social breakdown" was caused by "a thirty-year war that the radical Left has waged against the traditional family."

Newt's Tirade and Family Values
Speaking of 'Silly Ass'. Newt Gingrich liked to run around telling people that America's social decay is the result of "a long pattern of counterculture belief...deep in the Democratic Party" that has "under-valued the family." And even worse, he suggested to the nation that Susan Smith drowned her kids in a South Carolina lake because Democrats were in Congress. "That of course was before he realized that Susan Smith's stepfather, a local Republican official and a member of the advisory board of the Christian Coalition, molested her on the same night he was nailing up Pat Robertson for President posters."

Gingrich, the number one family values hypocrite, who was having an affair for years while he espoused family values, and who said "any male who doesn't take care of his kids is a bum", had to be hauled into court by his first wife because he refused to provide adequate child support. His church had to take up a collection to help his kids. And as if it could get any worse, he tried to get a divorce settlement out of his wife, while she was lying in a hospital bed with cancer. At least the Clinton's didn't abandon their daughter.

Bush Family Values
George W's daughter appears to have inherited her father's party animal predisposition. But before going any further:To those who complain that it is unfair to discuss the Bush daughters, we say that if their father makes "restoring family values and decency" a trademark of his administration, he'd better attend to his own family first. If multiple arrests for drinking under age, knowing how it would effect their father's presidency, is an example of "good family values", we'll take the "family values" that were used to raise Chelsea any day. Furthermore, regarding another arrest, couldn't Jenna's boyfriend's parents have bailed him out of jail? Do we, the taxpayers, have to pay for a high-cost taxi service (the secret service) to get him out of jail? Dan Burton (who fathered an illegitimate son and never acknowledged him) would have held 6 hearings on this if Chelsea Clinton was involved in such activities. And we would have heard a never ending diatribe, on the horrible "family values" of the liberal left. The point being that the GOP has made private behavior the focus of its nine-year jihad against all things Democratic. To ignore their personal foibles is to enable them. George W. Bush had many enablers during his two decades of admitted alcoholism and alleged drug use. We shouldn't enable his personal lapses, or those of any Republicans.

GOP hypocrisy is so immense there isn't enough have time to cover the breadth of it. Nor of their brazen attacks on Democratic "morality" when they are engaging in the same behavior -- or worse -- than what they are denouncing. The saddest thing is that so many of them have forsaken a solid moral upbringing for their children while they denounce the Democrats for an alleged decline in moral values. We only need start with Ronald Reagan and his long-distance relationship with his four children to exemplify our point here. Michael Reagan, the former President's son by his first marriage, recalls his father coming out to speak at his out-of state prep school. In the receiving line, his father didn't even recognize him and introduced himself to his son as the Governor of California.

Congressman Hutchinson's (one of the rabid floor impeachment managers during the impeachment wars) son being arrested for drunken driving a second time. During the same time period, Congressman Hastert's son racked up his first drunken driving conviction.