Electoral Reform Issue Resource Exchange

The links below will connect you with some of the best resources from the leading groups, organizers, and thinkers working on the electoral reform the issue briefs and articles below to educate yourself, organize your community, and to broaden the scope of government electoral reform initiatives.

Clean Money Elections
National Voting Rights Institute’s creative legal and constitutional approaches to challenging big-money dominance of American Elections.

Your Guide to Money in the U.S. Election by the Center for Responsive Politics. http://www.opensecrets.org

Common Cause is a searchable database of special interest soft money contributions to the Democratic and Republican national party committees. Who gives it, who gets it and what it all means!

National Institute on Money in State Politics database analyses of the role of campaign contributions in influencing key issues in the news.

"The Color of Money: Campaign Contributions and Race" and "20 Things You Can Do" for Clean Money Elections. interest and the "Buying of the President 2000."

Campaign Finance Reports and Data from the Federal Elections Commission. View actual financial disclosure reports filed by House, Senate and Presidential campaigns, Parties and PACs from 1993 to the present.

The League of Women Voters

 The Coalition for DC Representation in Congress

DCWatch is an on-line magazine that covers local city politics and public affairs in Washington, D.C. DCWatch features resources for civic activists and background material on legislation and current events in the District of Columbia.

Disability and Voting
The Center for an Accessible Society's Disability and Voting Page

The Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund decry Supreme Court intervention in elections.

Facts about the Disability Vote

Most Voting Systems Are Inaccessible For People With Disabilities, compare Voting System Accessibility.

Disenfranchisement of Former Felons
Florida's 'Disappeared Voters': Disfranchised by the GOP by Gregory Palast, The Nation http://www.thenation.com/doc.mhtml?i=20010205&s=palast

Electoral College
Winner Take All: A Report on the Presidential Election Process by the Twentieth Century Fund Task Force on Election Reform.

History of the League of Women Voters' position and action on the electoral college. http://www.lwv.org/where/promoting/electoral_college.html

Frequently Asked Questions about the Electoral College- Prepared by The Office of the Federal Register.

Global Exchange brief on Electoral College.

Instant Runoff Voting
The Center for Voting and Democracy is the Nation's best resource for IRV education and action.

A guide to Instant Runoff Voting and State Campaigns

Improving Access to the Ballot
Reform America's analysis on ballot barriers and ideas for reform.

Ballot Access News newsletter reports on the hurdles and successes of trying to put candidates on the ballot in the US.

Media and Elections
Study of Local TV Coverage of the 2000 General Election and how the broadcast industry treats elections as an opportunity to profiteer rather than to inform. http://entertainment.usc.edu/publications/campaignnews.PDF

Gouging Democracy: A report on how the television industry profited on Campaign 2000.

Open the Debates A Blueprint For Fair And Open Presidential Debates by The Appleseed Citizen Task Force for Fair Elections.

History of The Commission on Presidential Debates and ideas for Reform by Reform America. http://www.reformamericainc.org/issue-debate.shtml

Explanation of the Commission on Presidential Debates, run by the former chairmen of the Republican and Democratic parties.

Proportional Representation A source of information on proportional representation elections including beginning readings, in-depth articles by scholars and activists.

The Center for Voting and Democracy's fact sheet and briefing on Proportional Representation. http://fairvote.org/pr/index.html

A collection of PR-related articles by journalist and activist Steven Hill.

Washington Citizens for Proportional Representation.

Californians for Proportional Representation. Much useful information about the recent attempt to bring PR to San Francisco, and news about local activities.

Illinois Citizens for Proportional Representation.

Voter Registration and Empowerment Efforts The National Coalition for the Homeless' Voting Rights Campaign.

Information about the National Voter Registration Act or "Motor Voter" by the National Asian Pacific American Legal Consotium.

Find information about expanding the right to vote including including a law suit filed seeking to overturn the constitutional and statutory provisions in Florida which prevent ex-felons from voting. http://www.lawyerscomm.org/

Find information on the National Lawyers Committee on Civil Right's project on defending majority-black legislative districts.

Voting Rights Act

National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium highlights Section 203 of the Voting Rights Act which requires jurisdictions to provide language assistance if the number of voters qualifying for such assistance meets certain threshold tests.

Information on how the Supreme Court restricted Section 5 of Voting Rights
Act by the Lawyers Committee on Civil Rights.

Resources on the Voter Rights Act from Center for Voting and Democracy.