George Bush "Uniter"

We haven't had this much defection since Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act and sent the Dixiecrats fleeing from the Democratic to the Republican party. The visionless, mandateless President and his henchmen want to roll back 30 years worth of civil rights progress, and bring back the cold war days.

James Jeffords Leaves the GOP-A Man of Principle
"I'm a uniter not a divider, I can reach across the table and change the tone in Washington", so said George W. Bush over and over again on the campaign trail. For those familiar with the real 'shrub', it comes as no surprise that he can't even reach across within his own party. Their 'my way or the highway', 'strategery' back fired.
Just another example of a campaign run on empty platitudes.

Sen. Jeffords Gets Death Threats After Defection
Vermont Sen. James Jeffords has received death threats after announcing last week he was leaving the Republican Party. Click Here for Report This same party used thug tactics in Miami-Dade to intimidate election officials and bring the ballot counting to a halt.

Oregon State Legislator Jan Lee Quits the GOP
Saying that moderates no longer have a place in the Republican Party, freshman Rep. Jan Lee of Clackamas resigned from the party to become an independent. The move, which
won't change the balance of power in the Oregon House, came a day after House Republican leaders shelved a bill Lee helped sponsor that would have required insurance policies to cover contraceptives.
The Oregonian News

Chafee Might Depart GOP if Party Retakes Senate
Moderate Rhode Island Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee says if Republicans took back the majority in the Senate, he would consider leaving the party -- tipping the balance back to the Democrats.

Sen. Jim Jeffords joins Paul Revere, Teddy Roosevelt, and others who, by their words and actions have spread the alarm when malefactors of great wealth and legislative thugs threaten the nation. Somehow, we, the people, are saved from ourselves when we need to be, whether or not we deserve to be. The only immediate danger is that the radical right may commit acts of uncivil disobedience to protest against being unable to have their way.
Email threat from the right.