The Bush Family History

Former President and CIA Director Bush
To escape exposure of his role, President Bush pardoned Iran-Contra players before leaving office
Fair, 3/93:

George Bush Sr.'s central role in Iran-Contra
Robert Parry, Consortium, 12/28/98:
See also Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh’s "Firewall" about Caspar Weinberger’s notes attesting to Bush’s being "in the loop", and VP Bush’s direct communications with Contra Supply chief Felix Rodriguez, the notorious CIA agent.

CIA Admits tolerating Contra-Cocaine Trafficking

CIA director George Bush Sr. and the Letelier assassination
"More recently, national security agencies have frustrated timely release of information, seemingly with an eye toward the election and possible restoration of the Bush dynasty. The Cold War history now in the balance includes evidence implicating the elder George Bush – at least for negligence and possibly worse – in the double homicide of Chilean dissident Orlando Letelier and American co-worker Ronni Moffitt in a 1976 car-bombing in Washington, D.C." A Bush II presidency might also mean that we will never know the whole truth about Iran-Contra, Iraqgate, the October Surprise and Bush Sr.’s relationship with Noriega.

For independent, factual reporting, go to former AP and Newsweek reporter Robert Parry’s "The Consortium"

Bush Advisor Richard Perle meddled in Camp David Peace Talks

Counseled Israel to walk away if Jerusalem question was not resolved,2763,342857,00.html
Historical precedent: Nixon/Chennault asked South Vietnam to not attend ’68 Paris Peace Talks. Nixon won the election.,3604,352224,00.html

Bush Sr. Campaigns
1980: James Baker’s part in stealing Carter’s debate books.
1988: Smearing Dukakis.
1992: Baker/Bush Sr. involved in illegally snooping into Clinton's passport files.  Parry,Consortium, 10/5/99:

The 1980 October Surprise Mystery
Did Bush-Reagan-Casey cut a deal with the Iranians to hold
the US hostages until after the election – to help defeat Carter?

Bush Vote Overseer James Baker, Bush Sr. and Nixon’s Townhouse Operation
Plus much more Bush History at

George W. Bush

Hard Evidence that George W. Bush disobeyed orders to report to the National Guard for at least a year (5/72-5/73)
Please go to  This site has links to the Boston Globe articles and the few Media reports about this. It also includes scans of Freedom of Information Act documents from Bush's National Guard Records.

Dark Questions surrounding Texas Executions under Bush
In 1998, Bush ignored a confession by a prison inmate that would have exonerated two men convicted of rape and murder. Just recently, DNA evidence proved that the two men were innocent, and the confessor was indeed the culprit. (Salon, 10/13/2000:

Texas Rangers
Bush lent his name; billionaire Richard Rainwater and the Texas taxpayers made him rich. "But Bush and his partners weren'tsatisfied lining their pockets with average Texans' hard-earned cash. They wanted land around the stadium to further boost its value. To that end, they orchestrated a land grab that shortchanged local landowners by several million dollars." (Charles Lewis/Center for Public Integrity, "The Buying of the Presidency", excerpts at Tom Paine, 1/19/2000:

Allegations that Bush’s staff intimidated a funeral industry investigator looking into Bush’s funeral home friends. It is further alleged that Bush had her fired.
"McNeil's deposition, taken on Oct. 17, is the fourth time that
Bush's sworn statement regarding the SCI investigation has been contradicted. It also calls into question Bush's statement that he has ‘no personal knowledge of relevant facts of the investigation’ or ‘any dispute arising from this investigation.’" (Bryce, Austin Chronicle, 10/27/2000)

Shutting down polls during the South Carolina Primaries
Tapper, Salon, 2/19/2000:

Bush supporters tried to keep John McCain off the New York ballot
Bernstein, New York Observer, 2/14/2000

Bush's team engaged in one of the dirtiest campaigns in memory to wreck John McCain's candidacy.
Time: Eric Pooley, "Read My Knuckles", 2/28/2000,3266,39636,00.html  also,

Bush Debate Tapes mailed to Gore advisor forcing his disqualification
"This has [Bush Campaign leader] Karl Rove’s fingerprints all
over it." The continuing investigation into suspicions of a Bush campaign dirty trick.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush
Broward Savings and Loan

"This should be sub-titled ‘How Jeb Bush and his real estate partner were able to purchase a $9 million office building in Florida on money that probably came out of the pockets of the American taxpayer.’" (Detailed analysis of the Savings and Loan lootings at

Jeb Bush and the Florida Vote Controversy
Ex-Mayor Suarez, who enlisted absentee ballots, was
involved in earlier voter fraud

Neil Bush and the Silverado
Savings and Loan Scam

Also, Jeb and George W. and the Contras; George W., Harken Oil Insider Trading and BCCI; Prescott Bush Jr. and his Chinese deals right after President Bush issued sanctions against China (Covert Action Quarterly: "The Bush Family Preys Together"); Summer 1992:

An Unholy Alliance –The Bush Family and Reverend Moon
"One well-placed former leader of Moon’s Unification Church told me that the total earmarked for former President Bush was $10 million. The father of the Republican nominee has declined to say how much Moon’s organization actually paid him for speeches and other services in Asia, the United States and South America." (Parry, The Consortium, 10/11/2000,

"In September 1995, Bush and his wife, Barbara, gave six speeches in Asia for the Women's Federation for World Peace, a group led by Moon's wife, Hak Ja Han Moon. In one speech on Sept. 14 to 50,000 Moon supporters in Tokyo, Bush insisted that ‘what really counts is faith, family and friends.’ Mrs. Moon followed the ex-president to the podium and announced that ‘it has to be Reverend Moon to save the United States, which is in decline because of the destruction of the family and moral
decay."[Washington Post, Sept. 15, 1995]

Dick Cheney’s Company
under investigation for "overbilling government $6 million and using shoddy materials"

George Bush Sr./Dick Cheney/James Baker and Iraqgate
Dick Cheney was the Defense Secretary during President Bush's covert Iraqgate
plan that armed and funded Hussein's military right up to the Kuwaiti invasion, and left the American taxpayers holding $2 Billion in defaulted Iraqi debt. "And it emphasized the striking fact -- buried deep in a 1991 Washington Press piece -- that Secretary of State James Baker, after meeting with Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz in October 1989, intervened personally to support U.S. government loan guarantees to Iraq."
 Sources: Russ Baker: Columbia Journalism Review, March/April 1993: see 
Robert Parry: "Iraqgate: Confession and Cover-up": FAIR, May/June 1995: 
See Mark Zepezauer’s "The CIA’s Greatest Hits" (Odonian, 1994) about how the US Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, told Hussein that the US "took no position" on Iraq’s dispute with Kuwait. Five days later, the Iraqis invaded Kuwait.

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