Will American's Ever Wake UP?

There are good reasons for the restraints that were placed on the CIA. They were reigned in because of gross abuses of power and violating the law. All with a wink and a nod from the Reagan/Bush administrations. Does anyone remember Iran-Contra, just one of the recent incidents? If hawks like Gingrich and Baker have their way, the U.S. will remain in an endless cycle of violence that will destroy us. See Salon.com 'Blowback'

In typical fashion with our culture, we are told what we think, and what we need. No one asks us for our input. Instead U.S. citizens are whipped into a patriotic frenzy of flag waving while sticking their heads in the sand. The terrorist attacks against America was a horrible tragedy. But they shouldn't be a surprise. Our foreign policy has been insane for decades. It was only a matter of time until Americans would have to suffer personally for it. It is a terrible tragedy that the innocent so often have to suffer for the sins of the guilty. When will we learn that we can't allow our politicians to bully the world without someone bullying back eventually?

Without a doubt, there is no justification for the attack on our civilians on 9/11. And we should rightly seek justice--a Taliban defeat would surely fill the streets of Kabul with joy, as well as make right, one crime that can be admitted and undone. The sponsorship of the Taliban (by our $43 million gift) could be redeemed by dismantling its regime and liberating its victims. But we are certainly entitled to ask and know, how such hatred was inspired.

All of our ex-presidents for decades have the blood of civilians on their hands and have bombed innocent people. With out consulting the United Nations, they've sent troops to every corner of the globe; bombed Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya and invaded Grenada. Washington’s role in widespread “death squad” operations throughout Latin America, bloody campaigns that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, including what a truth commission judged a “genocide” of Mayan Indians in Guatemala.

The figure of three thousand murders in New York is almost half of the total uncovered in the death-pits of Srebrenica. On that occasion, US satellites flew serenely overhead recording the scene, and Milosevic earned himself an invitation to Dayton, Ohio.

An indicia of a civilized country is adherence to human rights and international laws, not only by pious words but through actions. As people living in the United States we have an obligation not to close our eyes, cover our ears and remain silent. We must not and cannot be "good Germans". We should reject the intellectually lazy and phony patriotism that says: "America, love it or leave it." That's not what the founders had in mind when they upheld freedoms of speech, assembly, press and religion. We suspect they'd prefer: "America, change it or lose it." The principal purpose of the First Amendment to the United States was to assure the press and the people the right to criticize their government with impunity. This purpose has been effectively destroyed in relation to U.S. military aggression since the press was denied access to assaults on Grenada, Libya, Panama and, on a much greater scale, against Iraq.